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Wrapping up a Mission: Christmas Cards for Veterans 2021

Hi Everyone,

My Mission: Christmas Cards for Veterans 2021 was a HIT!

Over 3100 cards went out to the VA medical centers and VA nursing homes in Florida. We were able to accomplish this with the help of thousands of students filling out the cards and their teachers who helped organize this. You can see all of the videos and pictures from this event by going to Missions on  http://Reneewhisner.com. Or on my YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/c/ReneeWhisner


This year however will be even bigger! My hope is to reach out farther than Florida by including Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina and North Carolina for 2022! This will require a lot more help than we had for 2021. So, we will need even more VOLUNTEERS! We are going to be sending out letters to more schools and counties in the state of Florida including the schools who participated in 2021. With more volunteers I can start reaching out to schools in other states to participate in filling out the cards.

In addition to everything else I have going on:

I am starting a 501(c)(3) for all the Missions past, present and future. The next few months I will be busy looking for volunteers to be on my 501(c)(3) board! If you would like to help send me an email through my website and I will get back to you as soon as possible! With a heartfelt thank you to everyone for making 2021 the best year ever for spreading joy to our veterans I appreciate everyone for this endeavor it means the world to me and the veterans who received the cards! I love you all♥️

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