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How To Tips: Traveling As A Quadriplegic

I bet many of you have planned a trip in your lifetime. And I bet it was pretty easy. I know because I have done it before, just not as a quadriplegic. My first time making travel plans as a quadriplegic would prove to be a grueling task. There is not any one place to get all the information needed for planning major trips. I started out by making an itinerary, just like I always did before my injury. It was short and to the point, for an able walking person. I quickly found out it would take a lot more work than I thought. I don’t wish for anyone else to have to go thru the anguish that I did. So here are some travel tips that I hope will make your planning a little easier.

Make Lists



Airline departure and arrival times.



Carry on and checked bags.



Make sure to take extra.


Medical Supplies

Mail as much as possible. Remember chargers!



Make sure that they’re weather appropriate.

When you have completed your lists (except your itinerary) it’s time to start searching airlines and hotels.


Each airlines have their own procedure, so don’t assume anything. I use Southwest because they are the only non-stop flights from Ft. Myers, Florida. No first class, though. Yes, it would have been more comfortable in first class, but my flight was only two hours. If it was any longer I would definitely take first class, even if there is a plane change!

  1. Are there non stop flights?
  2. Is there first class seating?
  3. Is there an isle chair?
  4. Is there help To put me on an off the plane?
  5. Where will my wheelchair be stored?
  6. Should I put my medication in my checked or carry on bag?
  7. What time should I arrive at the airport?


These are just a few I suggest, you may have many more.

  1. Are there accessible rooms?
  2. Can I have a hospital bed and other medical equipment delivered?
  3. Can I have extra time on check out day?
  4. Is there accessible transportation?
  5. Can I mail supply’s to my room?