A Day in the Life of a Quadriplegic

Quadriplegic Using Nävage Nose Cleaner A.K.A. Neti Pot


Quadriplegic Using Electric Nävage Nose Cleaner A.K.A Neti Pot. at least once a week to clear her nasal passage due to allergies. Renee learned to use a manual Neti Pot during her stay in India. After her accident she knew it was important to continue this practice so she learned to use this product because she could not use her hands. Renee also uses two allergies sprays once every day. By doing this Renee is able to sleep all night without a stuffy nose waking her up. Furthermore Renee does not sneeze or have a runny nose throughout the day. Yes, this makes it easier to use when you cannot do it yourself. Renee recommends this product because when used properly it really works to keep your nasal passage clear even if you can use your hands.

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