Mission: Christmas Cards for Veterans

Mission: Christmas Cards For Veterans

Each year over 2500 students from schools in Collier and Lee County Florida fill out out index cards wishing Veterans a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

These index cards are then placed inside Christmas cards by my “Helping Hands” (volunteers) and sent out to VA Medical Center’s and VA Nursing Homes.

The first year was in 2021 and we sent out over 3000 Christmas cards. Which was just enough for Florida.

The second year in 2022 we sent out over 5000 Christmas cards. This was just enough cards for all of Florida and VA Nursing Homes in Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina.

This year for 2023 it will be over 7000 cards adding VA Medical Centers in Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and adding on North Carolina.

Below are links to each year’s event pages with pictures and videos of the students and my helping hands working diligently to get the Christmas cards out on time.

                                                           Volunteers, Card Donations and Monetary Donations Needed!!                                                                                                             For more information please call 239.919.4771 Or send them directly to me                                                   Renee Whisner 116 Sharwood Dr. Naples, FL 34110

Mission: Christmas Cards for Veterans…2022

Mission: Christmas Cards for Veterans...2023

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