A Day in the Life of a Quadriplegic

Choice or No Choice

I have been feeling major nerve pain all over my body along with spasms for weeks now. Even with my drugs. We think I am having AD (autonomic dysreflexia). Everyone with an SCI (spinal cord injury) should know what this means. So of course we have to use the Choice program to get my abdomen xrayed at the image place here. And yes, it has been a fiasco. Last Friday when we went for the initial appointment we were told that they received the authorization but not the order with the doctors signature on it. So of course right there from the x-ray place we call the Choice Program and they told me that they had sent everything that they had and we needed to call the doctor in Tampa to get the order. So we call the Tampa VA and talk to my doctors secretary and she said that they had sent everything to the Choice Program. After going in circles we decided to make an appointment for today so as to give them time to get all the documents. Well we get there to find out they still haven’t received the documents, so we called my doctors office and this time they just emailed a document. Finally we are IN! Oh but wait, “you can’t get out of your wheelchair?!” asked the technician. I said “no” and thus it could not be done, leaving me with no choice but to wait till the 23rd of May when I go back to Tampa….Just a day in the life…

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