A Day in the Life of a Quadriplegic

A little bit more about me

Hey everyone I am 45 years old. I have been a quad for three years now and I am still learning a lot about the new me. I guess they still consider it a new injury since it is less than five years old. I take a lot of drugs which includes, Gabapentin, Tizanidine, Oxybutynin, Naproxen, Amitriptyline, Venlafaxine, Multivitamin and Bisacodyl. To name a few. If you want more information on other meds I have taken just send me an email. I have also tried Pregabalin (lyrica). It did not work with me. I am still a work in progress. I use a C400 Roho to get around in. It’s pink and black with a lot of accessories. I hope to lose my weight and get a smaller one. Ok time to go. Stay tuned for more….

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